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  1. Mar 12,  · Eminent and imminent are very similar sounds, and are weak rhymes; in some dialects, these may be confused. A typo of either word may result in a correction to the wrong word by spellchecking software. Eminent may also be confused with immanent, immanant, or emanate.
  2. Eminent levert hoogwaardige ICT-accessoires. Onze nadruk ligt op netwerk, camerabewaking computer accessoires en 4K mediaspelers.
  3. eminent: See: consequential, dominant, famous, illustrious, influential, master, meritorious, notable, noteworthy, outstanding, prime, prominent, renowned.
  4. ‘An eminent futurologist predicted many years ago that humans would eventually evolve without legs as we would have no use for them.’ ‘It was a grand dinner attended by hundreds of Scotland's most eminent .
  5. Aug 07,  · Eminent scholar of early U.S., Bernard Bailyn, dies at 97 One of the country’s leading historians of the early United States, Pulitzer Prize winner Bernard Bailyn, has died at age
  6. imminent about to occur at any moment; impending: in imminent danger Not to be confused with: emanate – to flow out, issue, or proceed; come forth; originate; emit; arise, spring: His great talent emanates from the very depths of his being. eminent – prominent; distinguished; noteworthy: an eminent author immanent – innate, inborn, intrinsic: an.
  7. Eminent definition, high in station, rank, or repute; prominent; distinguished: eminent statesmen. See more.
  8. Someone who's eminent is totally rocking out. This eminent person is distinguished, grand, soaring high above the rest of us. In legalese, eminent domain is when the government takes over private property for public use. Here are examples of both.

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