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  1. May 20,  · the following is % opinion: if i wanted to hear a band's cd i'd buy the cd. a live show is supposed to be way less sterile and scientific than a recording. it's supposed to be different and exciting, and i think it's a huge crock of **** when any band has the nerve to rely on a click and use prepared tracks. it's all an illusion. if they sound "good" because of this, they're .
  2. At Easy Disc we can create full colour branded blank or pre-recorded CDs and DVDs for your ministry or church. We will record your sermons on a 80 minute CD which you can distribute freely to spread the word. Browse Through Our Products & Services.
  3. Jul 13,  · Why can't I play cds on my computer? When I want to play a cd with Windows Media Player it says I don't have a cd drive. What is the problem? dvd's work fine can watch them all day no problems,stick a cd in listen to a half a track and it does a weird sticking sound,and i can't rip a cd as chromgotoromacanrecompmitniberti.coinfo i haven't burned cd,i have put files on a disc,videos as well all work .
  4. Product description Designed expressly for music or audio recording, Sony CD-R music discs provide the excellent sound quality of pre-recorded compact discs, and the ability to hear them on conventional home, auto and portable CD players. Sony CD-R music discs record digital music and audio in the standard compact disc bit, kHz format/5(18).
  5. CD media can break down a bit faster than DVD due to the way the discs are constructed, especially the cheap CD-R and CD-ROMs that leave all or part of the metal foils exposed. Microscopic holes will form in the exposed metals, and craters will form in the dye (very similar appearance to phase change media craters) due to oxidizing.
  6. Navigate to our sub-categories below for pre-recorded professional puppet shows designed for faith-based content. We offer well over a hundred titles, and many titles are in multiple categories. LISTEN! Sample audio is included on most individual product pages.
  7. Nov 10,  · I did see DAT pre-recorded tapes on sale briefly at CES from about or so, but it was always stuff that was also available on CD. I think it's a folly to try to keep these machines going in , because there's no more heads available and the format is .
  8. None of these licenses permit you to stream pre-recorded copyrighted music or music videos created by anyone else or using any elements created by anyone else. CCLI does not state it permits you to include pre-recorded copyrighted music performed entirely by you apart from an actual service of worship. CCS does explicitly permit this.

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