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  1. Old English spinnan(transitive) "draw out and twist fibers into thread," strong verb (past tense spann, past participle spunnen), from Proto-Germanic *spenwan(source also of Old Norse and Old Frisian spinna, Danish spinde, Dutch spinnen, Old High German spinnan, German spinnen, Gothic spinnan), from PIE *spen-wo-, suffixed form of root *(s)pen-"to draw, stretch, spin.".
  2. Spinning® History From our humble beginnings in a Santa Monica garage to a vibrant, deeply passionate global community this is Spinning®.
  3. Spin History. Airplane spins have always fascinated, and alarmed, most pilots. In the early days of aviation, they were considered as an unrecoverable and fatal maneuver and it wasn’t until the early part of this century that some brave aviators developed the theory of spin recovery, as we know it today.
  4. Spindles and spinning are also an integral part to the mythology and folklore of many cultures. Plato likens the axis of the universe to the shaft of a spindle with the starry heavens as the whorl end of his Republic. The Bible mentions spindles and spinning. Spider Woman, a Goddess in Navaho culture, taught them the art of spinning.
  5. The tippee top ( British patent ) is a peg with a ball shaped body. To spin the top with the stem down, it spins as expected. However, if you spin the top swiftly on the rounded body with the peg pointing upward, it flips itself over and spins on its peg.
  6. Jul 21,  · Posted in: Learning to spin, Living History, Personas Choosing a Spinning Wheel for Living History: Part 1 (Historic Wheels ) December 14, iamtbeck 6 Comments.
  7. The paper outlines the historical development of spin in physics from about to the present day. It aims to provide the student with an accurate chronology of important developments, both.
  8. History IAC founder and Chairman Barry Diller realized decades ago what is commonly known today: that technical leaps in interactivity would revolutionize commerce in record time. Twenty years later, IAC continues to build great companies inspired by this vision.

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